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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1139775897124142382415108139Brett GleesonTurners Beach2016/2017A Reserve15 1Don
2113775899124142382374643113Heath HortonTurners Beach2016/2017A Grade9 1Spreyton
37942299212414238241506579Shane DaveyTurners Beach2016/2017A Reserve6 1Don
47377589912414238237466773Heath HortonTurners Beach2016/2017A Grade15 1Sassafras
57191238012414238237466371Joel R SalterTurners Beach2016/2017A Grade14 1East Ulverstone
66577589712414238241509865Brett GleesonTurners Beach2016/2017A Reserve13 1Forth
759123543112414238237466759Jason KingTurners Beach2016/2017A Grade15 1Sassafras
85987029112414238241507759Jono R SlaterTurners Beach2016/2017A Reserve9 1Port Sorell
95887029112414238241510158Jono R SlaterTurners Beach2016/2017A Reserve14 1East Ulverstone
1058116487412414238241510158*Jason LawsonTurners Beach2016/2017A Reserve14 1East Ulverstone
115077589812414238237464350Dale GleesonTurners Beach2016/2017A Grade9 1Spreyton
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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